Thomas Leen

[use my initials] P.O. Box 6276 Cape Elizabeth ME 04107

About Me

I am a web tech and systems consultant with 22+ years of professional full-stack development experience living in the Portland, Maine area. I have been the technical lead at Confluent Forms since 2002.

My professional interests (at this time) include: Unix, Amazon Web Services, Raspberry Pi, Go, JavaScript, Node, “static-dynamic” websites, stateless web architecture, microformats, technical mediation and systems analysis.

E-mail is still the best means of contact. Any social media accounts exist for development purposes: they are not in active use and never checked for content. I occasionally post interesting code musings at Codesiderations, and more business oriented topics at the Confluent Forms blog (with David Kutcher). You may also find me on GitHub.

Personal Projects

Each of these scratch a personal itch & have allowed me to explore emerging technologies:


Personal musings on technical problems, static-dynamic website. Formerly generated using my own static website generator, now a Jekyll project on GitHub pages.


A meta-aggregator for Reddit, HackerNews, Slashdot, Ars and other programming/tech related sites, auto-tagged for categorization: a static-dynamic website.

A web API, specifically for lanaguage tools, built in Node as a third party API for Twiterature.


Exploration of static-dynamic websites, haikus generated by Reddit comments.


A blog/website generator in JavaScript, markdown as the main formatting language, since supplanted by Jekyll.


An interesting expression of a static-dynamic website, merging Project Gutenburg literature with popular tweets. Site is offline since the Twitter OAuth based API became required.


A Node/Redis proxy and cache for William Whitaker’s Words words with some enhancements for a better experience.

Short History

A brief educational/professional history. Contact for more.

Hamilton College (1995-1999), B.A. Computer Science, Philosophy
University of Southern Maine (2013), Certificate in Mediation

Razorfish, Technologist, Mobile Tech Lead 1999-2000
Vettro, Mobile Application Developer, 2000-2002
Confluent Forms, Technical Lead, 2002+