Thomas Leen

[use my initials] P.O. Box 6276 Cape Elizabeth ME 04107

About Me

I am a web systems developer and technical consultant with 20+ years of professional full-stack development experience living in the Portland, Maine area.

My professional interests (at this time) include: Unix, Amazon Web Services, RaspberryPi, Go, JavaScript, Node, “static-dynamic” websites, stateless web architecture, microformats, technical mediation and systems analysis.

E-mail is still the best means of contact. Any social media accounts exist for development purposes: they are not in active use and never checked for content. I occasionally post interesting code musings at Codesiderations, and more business oriented topics at the Confluent Forms blog (with David Kutcher). You may also find me on GitHub, Exercism or in-person at meetings of Full Stack Maine.

Personal Projects

Each of these scratch a personal itch & have allowed me to explore emerging technologies. All represent post-LAMP stacks:


Personal musings on technical problems, static-dynamic website. Formally generated using my own static website generator, now a Jekyll project on GitHub pages.


A collection of Reddit, HackerNews, Slashdot and other programming/tech related urls, auto-tagged for categorization.

A web-based API, specifically for lanaguage tools, built as a third party API for Twiterature.


Exploration of static-dynamic websites, haikus generated by Reddit comments.


A blog/website generator in JavaScript, markdown as the main formatting language, since supplanted by Jekyll.


An interesting expression of a static-dynamic website, merging Project Gutenburg literature with popular tweets. Site is offline since the Twitter OAuth based API became required.


A proxy and cache for William Whitaker’s Words words with some enhancements for a better experience.

Short History

A brief educational/professional history.

Hamilton College (1995-1999), B.A. Computer Science, Philosophy
University of Southern Maine (2013), Certificate in Mediation

Razorfish, Technologist 1999-2000
Vettro, Application Developer, 2000-2002
Confluent Forms, Technical Lead, 2002+