Thomas Leen

[use my initials] [-1 each]318-310-5350 P.O. Box 6276 Cape Elizabeth ME 04107

About Me

I am a web tech and systems consultant with 25 years of professional full-stack development experience living in the Portland, Maine area. I was a Principal at Confluent Forms for many years and now work for a cybersecurity company in Maine: Defendify. See my resume for more detail.

My professional interests (at this time) include: Unix, Amazon Web Services, Cybersecurity, Raspberry Pi, Go, JavaScript, Node, Vue, “static-dynamic” websites, stateless web architecture, microformats, technical mediation and systems analysis. I believe in continual self-improvement both as a general technologist and as a full-stack developer.

E-mail is still the best means of contact. Any social media accounts exist for development purposes: they are not in active use and never checked for content. I occasionally post interesting code musings at Codesiderations.

I have some older npm modules and inconsequential WordPress plugins. You may also find me on GitHub.

If you wish to send me encrypted e-mail my public key is available.

Personal Projects

Have had very little time since 2018 for hobby projects.

A few personal projects, each of these scratch an itch & have allowed me to explore emerging (at the time) technologies:


Exploration of static-dynamic websites, creating haikus from Reddit comments.

Concat News

A news meta-aggregator for technical topics of interest.


The closest thing I have to a blog: a place for personal musings on technical problems.


An enhanced proxy for the William Whitaker’s Words web application.

Also: Sartain, Twiterature,, Rochester Child Care &

Short History

A brief educational/professional history. See resume for the long history.

University of Southern Maine, Mediation Certificate,
Hamilton College, B.A. in Computer Science & Philosophy,

Defendify , Developer, +
Confluent Forms , Technical Lead, -
Freelance , Web Developer,
Vettro , Mobile Applications Developer, -
Razorfish , Senior Technologist, North American Mobile Technology Lead, -


A non-exhaustive listing of technologies I have used at some point to get the job done: